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I have a label to show BookName. I get it from table which name tblBooks. I don't know how to show Book Name into the label.

var query = from b in dc.tblBooks.Where(b=>b.BookID == 'B01') select b;

Can you help me know.

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Your query as written will return a collection of books—IQueryable<Book>. If you're sure there will only be one result in this query, you can call SingleOrDefault, which will execute the query immediately and give you the actual book.

var Book = dc.tblBooks.Where(b => b.BookID == 'B01').SingleOrDefault();
if (Book != null)
    myLabel.Text = Book.BookName;

Or you can simply say:

var Book = dc.tblBooks.SingleOrDefault(b => b.BookID == 'B01');

Which does the same thing.

If you're 110% sure there will always be a result, and you don't want to check for null, then you can use Single, which will do the same thing, except throw an exception if no results are found, where SingleOrDefault simple returns null.

var Book = dc.tblBooks.Single(b=>b.BookID == 'B01');     
myLabel.Text = Book.BookName;
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label.Text = query.FirstOrDefault().BookName;
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