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I am initiating a jQuery ajax ($.ajax) post, within the Google Chrome browser.

I have setup a XHR breakpoint in the "XHR Breakpoints" section of the "Scripts" tab within the Developer Tools.

The criteria of the breakpoint is "get" ie. I want the debugger to break on all XHR requests which contain the word "get" in them (somePage.asmx/getListOfAnimals) is an example.

The breakpoint is being correctly hit, however I am unable to determine what the exact URL that is being requested.

I realize I can remove the breakpoint and see what URL is being requested from the "Network" tab, but I want to know this at the time the breakpoint is hit.

I have tried stepping through the XHR request once it has been hit in Chrome, but I must be missing a Javascript object/property which contains the fully requested URL.

Google Chrome has detected that the XHR requested URL contains "get" but how do I get to this URL from within the debug session before the request is made?

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Are you able to break before the XHR.open() method? The 2nd parameter to the open() method should be the exact url of the request. –  monsur Nov 29 '11 at 16:05
Thanks for feedback. Just tested again in the latest chrome and seems to be workign fine I can see the actual URL being requested. –  DanH Dec 8 '11 at 0:43

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