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I'm querying an external API and want to test out data inserts on a test server before moving to production.

Currently, I'm trying to execute the following statement in Postgres's shell:

CREATE TABLE referrals (client_id VARCHAR(36), device_id VARCHAR(100), conversion_time DATETIME, acquisition_cost MONEY);

but it keeps failing on DATETIME.

Since this doesn't work, would timestamp? If so, how do I modify timestamp's default behavior to take in preformatted dates and times?

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CREATE TABLE referrals (
   client_id text, 
   device_id text, 
   conversion_time timestamp,
   acquisition_cost money

You don't need to add without time zone, that is the default.

I use the type text in the example instead of varchar with a length modifier, because that is usually the better choice. You can use varchar(n) of course, no problem.

The format of accepted string input for date / timestamp values depends on your locale settings. To make sure that a specific format is interpreted correctly, independent of locale settings, you can use to_date or to_timestamp:

SELECT to_timestamp('05 Dec 2000', 'DD Mon YYYY')

More in the chapter Data Type Formatting Functions of the fine manual.

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I believe the data type you're looking for is timestamp without time zone, so change your DDL to:

CREATE TABLE referrals (
   client_id VARCHAR(36), 
   device_id VARCHAR(100), 
   conversion_time TIMESTAMP without time zone, 
   acquisition_cost MONEY
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