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I think I use TPT inheritance. I have an abstract parent class and three subclasses. What I want is a basic find function, but I need to explicitly do includes. My problem is how can I include different properties based on the type.

public List<RandomObject> FindAll(int someProperty)
    using (MyContext db = new MyContext())
        var randomObjects = db.RandomObjects.Where(x => x.SomeProperty == someProperty);

Each instance of RandomObject has a collection of the abstract Superclass. There are a fixed number of known subclasses (we can call them SubclassA and SubclassB if people need names).

I have been trying various Include statements such as this

randomObjects = randomObjects.Include(x => x.Superclasses.OfType<SubclassA>().SubclassAOnlyProperty);

If there is any clarification needed just let me know, I could definitely fill this post with all sorts of things I have tried.

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Include and inheritance don't play nice together. The simple advice is don't use Include to get relations of multiple derived types in single query and especially don't use Include for this with TPT (until .NET 4.5 is out). –  Ladislav Mrnka Nov 29 '11 at 9:40
So what are my alternatives in terms of lazy/eager loading? The data I need is a list of this abstract subclass, and this data includes several relationships specific to only certain subclasses. How can I retrieve this TPT data without resorting to Include? –  OpticalDelusion Nov 29 '11 at 20:22

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Something like this might work:

var result = MyContext.randomObjects
    .Select(r => new
        RandomObj = r,
        SuperclassesOfTypeA = r.Superclasses.OfType<SubClassA>().Select(subA => new {
            obj = subA,
            SubclassAOnlyProperty = subA.SubclassAOnlyProperty
        AllSuperClasses = r.Superclasses

I think that would give you an in-memory collection of anonymous objects, where RandomObj would be the main object, SuperclassesOfTypeA would be a collection of anonymous objects representing your Super classes that are of type SubClassA, with SubclassAOnlyProperty eager loaded, and for good measure a collection of all your other superClasses.

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Since my end goal is to have a RandomObject with a List<Superclass> that is the concatenation of the lists of subclasses, how might I go about ending up with that? Right now I just create a RandomObject from result.RandomObj and then set the List<Superclass> property to a concatenation of the Result.SubclassAList, Result.SubclassBList, etc. It seems pretty messy, but is it the best way? –  OpticalDelusion Nov 29 '11 at 8:23
@OpticalDelusion - I'm really not sure. I think you should ask that as a new question. –  Adam Rackis Nov 29 '11 at 15:25

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