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I have a WSDL webservice I am trying to post and receive information from via java within a Blackberry app. I have used axis1.4 to build the stub and other class files within Eclipse. I have have the BB interface already designed. I can run a simulator and navigate to the page to enter the information (in this case Account Registration). I just need to know how to make set up the transfer. I currently have button on the screen as well that shows "Congratualtions" message when clicked but that should be on an "if" I need to make the button call the webservice, post information entered in fields to database, and get back a reply ( in this case true/false). My app is built on giving and receiving info to about 7 different methods within my webservice. Sending normally between 2 and 5 fields of data and receiving 1-3. Seems like I have all the pieces of the puzzle I just can't link them. I have read post on many other sites and this one about implementing wsdl but the examples are too simple to be useful to me. Please help. Thank you in advanced.

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Have you looked into ksoap2 ? I think what you need to know is how to pass complex objects Complex Objects & Ksoap2

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