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I have a class Inhabitant with a property skin which is of type DisplayObject.

Within Inhabitant I need to access the x and y properties of skin using this method:


Rather than:


This is fine with properties defined within Inhabitant but I'm not sure how I could do this for a property of skin. This obviously doesn't work but it might give you an idea of what I'm trying to do:


The reason behind requiring this notation is that I have a function which I can parse a String though that will represent a property:

public function addTokenable(property:String):void
        _tokenables[property] = true;

And then a related getter that will return a representation of this instance of Inhabitant as a String:

public function get token():String
    _token = "class:" + getQualifiedClassName(this).split("::").join(".");

    for(var i:String in _tokenables)
        _token += "#" + i + ":" + this[i];

    return _token;

This would result in something like:


The goal is to be able to reference properties of skin within the addTokenable() method, so that I can have something along the lines of:

var person:Inhabitant = new Inhabitant();

person.skin = new PersonSkin();
person.skin.x = 100;
person.skin.y = 150;


trace(person.token); // class:terra.environment.Inhabitant#skin.x:100#skin.y:150
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What about doing something like this:

for (var i:String in _tokenables) {
    var target:* = this;
    var propList:Array = i.split(".");
    for (var j:Number = 0; j < propList.length; j++) {
        try {
            target = target[propList[j]];
        } catch (e:Error) {
            // or whatever other stuff you want to do
    _token += '#' + i + ":" + target;

For example. "skin.x" will create a propList of ['skin', 'x'] The first iteration through the for loop will set

target = this['skin'];

And the second will set

target = this['skin']['x'];

which is the correct bracket notation for accessing the skin property x.

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Interesting, I'll give something like this a go and see how I fare. – Marty Nov 29 '11 at 3:47
Worked like a charm, thanks! – Marty Nov 29 '11 at 7:21

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