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My controller has this (testing) code:

println domainInstance.hasErrors()
render (view: "edit", model: [domainInstance: domainInstance])

the println prints false to the console, but the gsp renders errors using <g:hasErrors>.

Why would this be happeining?

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It seems that the domain instance gets validated somewhere in/after the render statement. So hasErrors() returns true (as expected) if called after domainInstance.validate(). –  zoran119 Nov 29 '11 at 4:29

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It would help if you showed the GSP code, but my guess is that hasErrors() returns true, because you haven't called validate().

The hasErrors() method doesn't perform validation, but just reports whether errors were detected the last time validation was performed. So I suspect that some time after the call to hasErrors() and before the call to <g:hasErrors> validation is being performed.

Anyhow, if you replace the call to

println domainInstance.hasErrors()


println domainInstance.validate()

that should fix it

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