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So here is my problem...

I have form 1, in which I am opening MS Access file which display the content into my multiline textbox on form 1. In form 2, I am adding an entry to the file. Now, how can I read new version of the file and display the content into my textbox on form 1?

What's the easy way of doing it?

I was thinking of somehow activating a button, button that reads and display the content of the file, on form 1 from form 2 just to re-read the file and display it again. But I'm not fully sure if that's possible...

What's the right way of doing it?

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You can use FileSystemWatcher in Form1 to watch the Access file, every time when Form2 update that file, it will reload Form1.


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After you finish editting the file in form 2, you can raise an event that form 1 handled to reload the content. So you don't need to implement reload button in form 1. See the link to study How to implement Event in C# http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa645739(v=vs.71).aspx

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you can use a trick ie

write your data loading code in a public function i.e.

public void ReadData()
 //your data logic here

while you create an instance of second form i.e data entry form

Frmdataentry frm=new Frmdataentry(); //say
frm.Tag=this; //store calling form reference

on dataentry form whenever you update data (tables or anything)


//your data update finishes here
frmdataview f=(frmdataview)this.Tag; //retrieve calling form reference 
 f.ReadData();  //public method of frmdataview that loads/refreshes data
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Nice approach. I'll try this later. –  HelpNeeder Nov 29 '11 at 15:06

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