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I have a single object I want to serialize:

from django.core import serializers

    return HttpResponse(serializers.serialize("json", get_object_or_404(Animal, pk=1)), mimetype="application/json")

This throws a "Not Iterable" error, as it seems that it expects that the second parameter should be iterable. How can I serialize a single object to JSON?

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You can always wrap the object you want into a list and take back only the first element. Your second argument can be:

[get_object_or_404(Animal, pk=1),]

and when you deserialize,

my_obj = deserialize()[0]
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In order to use serializers.serialize you need to pass an iterable (queryset). get_object_or_404 returns a single object. In this case you need a queryset with that particular object (using pk). filter is what you need. Try something like:

return HttpResponse(serializers.serialize("json", Animal.objects.filter(pk=1)), mimetype="application/json")
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