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Morning guys,

So this is my first time developing a plugin for CakePHP. Here's what I am doing in startUp of the component.

function startUp(&$controller){
        $controller->render("return", "ajax");

By default render will look at app/views/<controllers>/return.ctp and app/views/layouts/ajax for this render call.

Is there anyway that I can give a directive to render from app/my_plugin/views/awesome_stuffs/return.ctp and app/my_plugin/views/layout/ajax.ctp instead?

I believe the third param of Controller::render($file, $layout, $file) could do the job, but is there any better Cake way of doing things?

Plus, is that considered a good practice to take over controller's rendering function like that?

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One way is to call the PLUGIN controller/action URL in your AJAX call, instead of the main app controller/action URL.

ex: instead of:


you call:


When you do it this way, the plugin views & layouts are called automagically. See:



Otherwise, the only way I know of is manually setting paths as you mentioned or controller-wide via:

var $viewPath = 'path/to/plugin/views/';
var $layoutPath = 'path/to/plugin/layouts/';
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the $layoutPath is only for setting a sub-folder in the controller's views/layouts/ folder AFAIK –  JannieT May 23 '12 at 15:01

You might want to try setting $this->view to the plugin dotted view file you want to render.

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add to your source

$controller->plugin = "pluginname";
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Welcome around here. Can you explain and/or cite a source as to why this helps? –  mabi May 8 '14 at 8:02

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