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Adding items to end of linked list

I'm working on a homework assignment that introduces us to linked lists. The part I'm currently having trouble with is adding a node to the end of a list (the non-head part). This is what I have so far but I'm not sure it's going in the right direction, or what direction I should be going in, to be honest.

public void addToEnd(int item)
    Node position = head;
    position = new Node(item, position);
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class Node 
    Object data; 
    Node next; 

    Node(Object d,Node n) 
        data = d ; 
        next = n ; 

    public static Node **addLast**(Node header, Object x)
        // save the reference to the header so we can return it. 
        Node ret = header; 

        // check base case, header is null. 
        if (header == null) { 
            return new Node(x, null); 

        // loop until we find the end of the list 
        while ((header.next != null)) { 
            header = header.next; 

        // set the new node to the Object x, next will be null. 
        header.next = new Node(x, null); 
        return ret; 
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If it's homework you shouldn't just give him the complete answer. You should give him pointers as to how he'd go about to complete the task. –  Alderath Nov 29 '11 at 8:53

Typical linked list implementations have both a head and tail node.

To add to the head, you create a new node whose next is the current head, then change the newly created node to be the head of the list.

To add to the tail, you create a new node whose next is null, change the next of the list's current tail to be the newly created node, and finally change the newly created node to be the tail of the list.

If you do not have a tail node in your list, start at the head node and loop through the list until you find the tail node (the node whose next is null). Then add a node after the tail as described above.

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What you need to do is first find the last node and then add the new node as the last node (i.e. after the last node).

To give an exact code example I'd need to know your Linked List Stricture

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