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I'm a newbie on web development and I would like to create a page that is similar to how nikebetterworld was done. I want to know where should I start studying to achieve a design like this. My initial thoughts of it was like there are 3 or 4 layers that have different scrolling speed for it to have a 3d like effect. How could I achieve that on web? Where should I start? Thank you in advance.

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where should you start? View --> Source –  Jon Nov 29 '11 at 4:46
first learn css, html & javascript basis htmldog.com –  sandeep Nov 29 '11 at 4:47
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These should help get you started:

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Yup, it was done using jQuery. The technique that's being used is called parallax scrolling. Here's another site that uses it: http://www.rowtothepole.com/.

Basically some items move more than others while scrolling.

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