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Im new to jquery. I'm loading the pop up in my application. I want set the postion for pop up. Now its opening at center postion. please let me know how can I show the pop up on top. Can I mention the pixels for top postion? Please let me know how to do it.

here is my code

var popup = 0; $("#modalRightCenterContent").dialog({ minHeight: 48, minWidth: 470, resizable: false, modal: true, autoOpen: false, title: "Add Widgets" })

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You can set the position as well:

$( ".selector" ).dialog({ position: 'top' });

Refer to this:

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try add the following code

 $('#modalRightCenterContent').css({ top: '1%', left: '50%', margin: '-' + (($('#modalRightCenterContent').height() ) - ($(window).scrollTop())) + 'px 0 0 -' + (($('#modalRightCenterContent').width() / 2)) + 'px' });

add this line and you will get top center your dialog

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