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I am creating a stock market game on rails. Here I have a scenario where I want explore what are different approaches in running background jobs in ruby.

Scenario: This application will have users. User will add other users as friends. Now my application will compare scores of these users and will send email to the user, if his/her friend is performing better than him/her to inspire him/her. Again app will be sending emails to user if he hasn't logged in in last 2 weeks. So mail triggers are away duration (> 2weeks) and user and their friends score comparison.

Points of discussion:

  • I have briefly gone through Delayed_job, Resque. What would be the best library?

  • If I want write a cron job in shell or other language will be more fast as in performance?

  • Does above library uses separate processes for each queue or they use separate threads.

Please advice me on how should I approach this scenario.

Thanks in advance!

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Using the whenever gem to control cron jobs is great:


I would look at trying at least two from all available.

I would also focus a lot on getting a serious, realistic, volume of seed data ready for testing if not yet done.

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