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I have a base class that I use in WCF service calls,

public abstract class MyBaseClass {
   //some properties

I derive from it and every time I derive I have to add the [KnownType(typeof(MyDerivedClass))] attribute and every time I do I violate the Open/Closed principle. Is there anyway to derive classes like this for use in WCF and not have to add attributes to the parent class each time?

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You can use a static method which will return known types :

public class MyBaseClass
    //some properties

    private static Type[] GetKnownType()
        return KnownTypesHelper.GetKnownTypes<MyBaseClass>();

Now create a static class KnownTypesHelper that will return an array of known types (by scanning assemblies to find implementations of base class for example...)

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works like a charm +1 – Aran Mulholland Nov 30 '11 at 1:06

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