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Two scenarios:

I have Nodes and NodeDetails coming in in XML format. I cycle through the document, creating new Node entity, then adding NodeDetails to it, then saving them together by calling db.SaveChanges(). When I trace the calls, all I see are a bunch of insert statements: first for Node, then for NodeDetails.

In the second scenario, I have Posts and PostDetails. Posts are already stored in the database. So I retrieve a Post, analyze it, add PostDetails to it, and then save. When I trace the calls, I see a select from PostDetails table for this Post, and then I see inserts. The select part occurs when I reach a statement that says post.PostDetails.Add(newPostDetail);

Now, I do understand the reasoning here but I would like to somehow override it. Is there a way to tell EF not to retrieve the list before inserting?

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When you call post.PostDetails.Add(newPostDetail) method EF has load the PostDetails collection. EF does this lazy loading when you first access the property. This causes select statement to be issued.

You can avoid that if you are adding elements to the collection for the very first time.

post.PostDetails = new List<PostDetail>();

Or you can directly add a new PostDetail to the context without adding it to the collection.

var postDetail = new PostDetail{ Post = post };
//populate other properties
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