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I was looking for the old anwser found two solution. I have two process one is batch process and another is real time process. I want to give higher priority to the real-time process.

One is


I can set priority of the process b/w -20 to 19. Where -20 is highest and 19 is lowest.

Question are

  1. which one is good number for a batch process ?
  2. Which one is good number for a realtime process ?

There is another method


using that I can set schduling to SCHED_BATCH mode.

So another question is which function should I use sched_setscheduler or setpriority ?

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You can also change the IO priority.

In practice, I'm using the following reallynice script

#! /bin/sh
exec ionice -n 6 nice -8 $*

and I'm doing e.g.

batch << END
reallynice make

The man page of sched_setscheduler mentions SCHED_FIFO & SCHED_RR for real-time processes.

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but code purpose which one method I should use out of sched_setscheduler and setpriority –  Vivek Goel Nov 29 '11 at 6:17
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