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I am developing a blackberry application where i want to select an image present in device and display it in my application. How to do it.


hi I used FilePicker to get the path of the file and i am storing it in "Selection(String)" and i am using below code to display image in my application but i am getting exception. can anybody tell me where i did mistake.

try {
            FileConnection fconn = (FileConnection),Connector.READ);
            // If no exception is thrown, then the URI is valid, but the file may or may not exist.
            if (fconn.exists()) {
                InputStream input = fconn.openInputStream();
                int available = input.available();
                byte[] data = new byte[available];
      , 0, available);
                EncodedImage image = EncodedImage.createEncodedImage(data,0,data.length);
                Bitmap b = image.getBitmap();
                BitmapField picture = new BitmapField(b);
                add(new LabelField("Data Length:" + data.length));
            else {
                add(new LabelField("Picture does not exist"));
        catch (Exception ioe) {
           add(new LabelField("Error"));
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This could probably be useful:… – Arhimed Nov 29 '11 at 17:44

If your target OS is 6.0+ you can use RIM component FilePicker. For lower OS versions you can use also this component: File Selection Popup

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