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I am new for both tools , And not getting completely .

Why Gradle is targeted for deployment if I am deploying with Capistrano ?

See also Gradle Overview.

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Gradle is built from the Groovy programming language, and is considered a build language, and less of a deployment tool. You can perform compilation of JVM languages, package it, and upload it to a repository easily, but it has little strength in deployment of web applications, unless you are directly deploying a WAR or EAR file.

Capistrano is built from the Ruby language, but is considered more powerful for deployment, and is less of a build language (Rake is the dominant Ruby build language). Capistrano's strength lies in being able to connect to a remote host, and execute commands on it, or copy out code to live on a webserver.

It is my opinion that Gradle would be a better language for all things JVM related, and Capistrano would be useful for PHP, Rails, or other types of web applications.

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but gradle/groovy don't have the ssh magic that capistrano has (a non-trivial thing). I'd love a gradle/groovy equivalent. –  nic ferrier Apr 25 '12 at 7:11
I'm not sure will this help anyhow, but you can write own tasks in Gradle and execute shell commands via String object simply like "ssh user@host 'do something remote'".execute() –  topr Feb 25 '14 at 10:43

Use gradle-ssh-plugin with gradle as Capistrano replacement.

Here is an usage example.

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