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I have an issue that when I deploy a simple web application with startup tasks. After deploying, when I will click on the instance, then it seems to be disabled, as shown in the image below:

enter image description here

Is there any specific reason for this? And how can I overcome this situation?

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This whole section is all about Remote Desktop connectivity. Not the "Azure Connect". So far I have never seen the "Connect" icon disabled after successfull deployment. If you are experiencing issues make sure:

  • You have enabled remote desktop prior you deploy (once configured it stays configured, unless you explicitly disable it)
  • Your account expiration date has not passed
  • Your instance is in "Ready" state
  • The certificate used for password encryption has not expired
  • Wait a couple of minutes after instance state is "Ready" - there
    might be a slight delay between RDP configuration and actual

If you still have issues, try clicking on a Role, not an instance. Then the other 2 options shall be enabled (Enable & Configure). Check their status and change it, if the "Enable" checkbox is not checked. And check the "Configure" for the user account and password.

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yes you are right , i was remaining with remote desktop configuration at the time of deploying.. –  Arun Rana Nov 29 '11 at 9:43
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