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I'm trying to get the current user's listens and friends listens.

I am sure my friends has listened songs on Spotify and those songs has been synced to Facebook, and I also could see it on my music tag. But when I use the /me/music call link I just get my liked music playlist, no friends listens, also no artist songs even though I have several favorite artists.

And I try to use friend uid to get his music, use the /<friend-uid>/music link, but return empty list even though he has listened more songs on Spotify and I could see those songs in my music wall.

Of course, I grant all the user permission for access token and make all my private permission to 'public'

Is Facebook API not support to get music info till now? Or am I missing something?


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You need to ask for the and to access the listened songs in Open Graph.

They're documented here:

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From everywhere i've looked, it seems to be still in development and not readily able to pull. Which is a bummer.

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