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I have a MVC3 application with multiple areas. Every area is a different application module, but they share one common functionality - Reporting. So, I wrote a reporting controller and views in root area and wanted to attach them to all the areas using routing. This method worked well with MVC1, but I then upgraded to MVC3, the routes stopped working and always return 404.

Routing structure is similar for every module/area:


and the route registration for module is made by the following method:

protected override void RegisterRoutes(AreaRegistrationContext context, string arearoot, string defaultControllerName){
  context.MapRoute(arearoot + "Reports", arearoot + "/Reports.aspx",
    new { action = "Index", controller = "Reports" }, new string[] { "Controllers" }); //this should work in MVC3 according to docs

  context.MapRoute(arearoot + "ReportView", arearoot + "/ReportView.aspx/{id}",
    new { action = "Show", controller = "Controllers.ReportsController" });//this method worked in MVC1

    arearoot + "/{controller}.aspx/{action}",
    new { controller = defaultControllerName, action = "Index" },

  context.MapRoute(arearoot + "ItemSpecific",
    arearoot + "/{controller}.aspx/{action}/{id}");

protected string[] GetRouteNamespaces() {
  return new string[] { "Controllers.Module1" }; //returns proper namespace for each module

I have tried to attach RouteDebugger (which fails because of .aspx extensions), and Glimpse, but none of them show me any problems, the routing table seemed to be OK, but when I try to navigate to reports, I always get the 404 error code.

Any ideas?

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how do you call the actions (in your aspx/c-Files)? –  Tobias Dec 6 '11 at 14:11
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  • Please check area registration routes inside your area directory.
    • Also get all list of registered route during debugging. Route get registered at many in ASP.net MVC 2 or later if you are using Area.
      • You also have to specify area during registration of route. ( Same way as you specified Controller)
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