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I am trying to print log messages within core Android framework files. For example, I tried logging messages within MediaRecorderClient.cpp under frameworks\base\media\libmediaplayerservice\. I've tried LOGV, LOGE, LOGD, printf, and __android_log_print, without any success.

Which command should I use to print log messages?

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Log should be used, but it will print to logcat not system print.


Log.d("filter", example text); // filter is any tag you want to use as filter

You can open logcat in eclipse from window-show view -> other -> android -> logcat

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What kind of error do you receive? If it does not compile, make sure you've included <android/log.h>, also in


If it compiles but does not produce any output, then, like @Warpzit has said, you have to look at logcat to see your messages.

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Apologies for my initial questions, but which Log command should I use? I've tried to look at logcat with LOGE/LOGV/LOGD but none of my messages show up.. – Eric Lin Nov 30 '11 at 2:32
__android_log_print() should be used. – trashkalmar Nov 30 '11 at 7:00

It also seems that you can only pass a char* to the JNI LOG methods. So if you have numbers in your debug string, you have to put them into a char buffer (with sprintf).

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/system/core/include/cutils/log.h defines the macros for logging in the Android Framework.

So you uncomment the line that says #define LOG_NDEBUG 0 at the top of the source file and it will enable VERBOSE logging. You will need to recompile that entire library and put it into your android system.img build.

I believe the macro calls are ALOGV, ALOGE and so on.

It is similar to this other answer:

How to get Verbose logging in logcat for a specific module

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First declare string

Private String Tag = getClass().getsimplename();

and than in your method

 Log.d(Tag,"This is my oncreate method");
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