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I am in need of doing some projects on parallel computing or HPC , can any one suggest me good projects on that , I prefer to use Python as the programming language, can I use it for these also? Please help me in this. Thanks in advance.

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Python and High Performance Computing? I would use it only as front-end language for managing and monitoring the system... The actual computations should be done in a more machine-friendly language if performance is what you are seeking.

About problems that are fit to be solved in parallel, as always, those composed of independent tasks, like:

  • Raytracing
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Matrix algebra

I'll try to expand the answer in response to your comment:

About SciPy et al. they are really, really great. I've used them a lot and the performance is not bad at all, but the problem is that you must stick to the operations provided by the library (that are written in highly optimized C and compiled to native code), or the performance will drop to Python levels.

So the point is that you will need to think in matrix operations (for example: a weighted sum is a scalar product of two vectors) all the time, and if you need something more specific... Well, you can always write your function in C++ or Fortran with Weaver or in C and make a wrapper with SWIG or CTypes.

So I guess you could give it a try with Python, but as always there will be a trade off between performance and abstractness.

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thanks dude , i just read few articles stating that extensive scientific libraries are available in python , so i though of working in it Reference :scientificcomputing.com/… If not what kind of language shall i use , can you suggest any ? –  R45c4l Nov 29 '11 at 10:31

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