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We need to generate similar to

Here are the requirements:

  • 24*365 data points for the line graph in the upper part of the chart (one value per hour/day for year)
  • 12 data points for each block below (one per month)

So each vertical block (one per month) is associated with a set of 24*30 (or 31) datapoints.

I tried to implement the chart using Highcharts but it seems to have serious issue with large data sets (Firefox show an alert about a long running script).

Are there any alternatives to Highcharts that can deal with this usecase? Interactivity is a must (users should be able to zoom-in/out )

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I've always considered flot to be pretty fast with large datasets. According to my informal testing with a dataset of 8760 points, chrome (v15) will render it in about 5 seconds, firefox (v8) in about 2 seconds and ie9 is telling me about a 1/2 second (IE < 9 is going to be a no go on speed due to the lack of builtin canvas support).

My one concern for you though, is that >8000 points is crossing the pixel limit of rendering. Your plot will have to be around 10000 pixels wide to discern any sort of shape.

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have you tried google charts plugin? here is the website for a demo :

the API is also easy to use :

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