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I am using keychain in my app and I get this error when run app as AdHoc. It doesn't appear when I run it with debugger (with developer provisioning profile). If app has already been installed on the device and I install it again on top of it from Xcode then I notice that app doesn't have access to keychain. It happens certainly because of those error.

I have spent much time googling that error and some recommends to add entitlements file with keychain-access-group in it. But I could not find any Apple doc or any reasonable explanation what entitlements file needed for.

Can someone help me to solve it?

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There is a pretty old post here you need the entitlements to say which Bundle Identifier you App's Bundle seed is under since that is the way KeyChain allows your application to access it by.

Once two Applications have the same Bundle identifier in their bundle seed, they can share KeyChain access..

So if Application A has a Common Bundle Id: com.yourcompany.AAAAAA And application B as a Common Bundle Id com.yourcompany.BBBBBB

And if they both have an entitlements file in their .ipa (plist containing an array keyed "keychain-access-groups" with a string ".com.yourcompany.AAAAA" and .com.yourcompany.BBBBB")

They can share KeyChain access..

  • Regarding your Debug/AdHoc issue. in the project settings, check under "Code Signing"->"Code Signing Entitlements" that both are empty..
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I found a solution. The appID prefix seems to be different for adHoc and Debug profiles.

Let's assume we have the following AppIds:

  • a.com.mycompany.A
  • b.*

The second id was created by xcode and it's prefix is used to sign the debug version of the app. The first id is used to sign the AdHoc version of the app.

If you now try to use the keychain with the accessgroup a.com.mycompany you get keychain access for the AdHoc version. If you use the accessgroup b.com.mycompany you get access in the debug version. None of them work for both.

I solved the Problem by creating an new wildcard id: a.* and using it for the "iOS Team Provisioning Profile: *". It seems that this provisioning profile is somehow used to sign a debug build of the app. I actually thought it uses the Development Provisioning Profiles to sign it ?!

However, with this changes I can access the keychain in debug and adHoc mode with the same accessgroup.

It seems like new registered users don't run into this problem, now xCode automatically creates an id with the right prefix.

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Make sure you exactly follow step by step how to setup provisioning profile


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