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I have a treeview with many items

When I expand an item and its childs and after I called refresh method, that expanded item childs becomes collapsed.

Can you give me an idea how to store the selected node and after refresh, to call the Expand method again...

I tried :

 TreeNode selectedNode = new TreeNode();
 TreeNode selectedNode = SelectedTreeNode();  //method which takes selected node from TV
 RestoreFolderTreeWithLastSelectedItem(); //method which initialise treeview object
 //here I want to call Expand() method but it not exists to TreeNode.

For treeview, I used Windows.Controls.treeView namespace I am beginner... Thank you

I will explain you via images

I expanded all items: enter image description here

If I press F5 or call Refresh function (RestoreFolderTreeWithLastSelectedItem();) then they will be collapsed like as:

enter image description here

instead of first image...

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is it ASP.NET TreeView? –  sll Nov 29 '11 at 9:18
WEB - TreeNode.Expand Method, WinForms - TreeNode.Expand Method –  sll Nov 29 '11 at 9:20
Also you can force Expand by setting treeNode.Expanded property to true –  sll Nov 29 '11 at 9:27
I used TreeView in WPF...it is windows.controls.treeview –  Snake Eyes Nov 29 '11 at 9:50
How are you populating your treeview? If it is bound to a collection I have solved this problem in the past by adding an IsExpanded value to the class the node is bound to and using a style to set / unset this value. –  Purplegoldfish Nov 29 '11 at 9:59

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I'm using this with a WinForms TreeView. It saves the nodes expanded state between refreshes:

// Save the path of the expanded tree branches
var savedExpansionState = treeView1.Nodes.GetExpansionState();


// TreeView is populated
// ...

// Once it is populated, we need to restore expanded nodes


Here is the code to achieve this:

public static class TreeViewExtensions
    public static List<string> GetExpansionState(this TreeNodeCollection nodes)
        return nodes.Descendants()
                    .Where(n => n.IsExpanded)
                    .Select(n => n.FullPath)

    public static void SetExpansionState(this TreeNodeCollection nodes, List<string> savedExpansionState)
        foreach (var node in nodes.Descendants()
                                  .Where(n => savedExpansionState.Contains(n.FullPath)))

    public static IEnumerable<TreeNode> Descendants(this TreeNodeCollection c)
        foreach (var node in c.OfType<TreeNode>())
            yield return node;

            foreach (var child in node.Nodes.Descendants())
                yield return child;
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It's very simple.

First, before refreshing, we must store ids of expanded nodes:

//CollectExpandedNodes(tree.Nodes); - call of function

//this recursive function save ids of expanded nodes to expandedNodeIds
//List<int> expandedNodeIds = new List<int>(); - list for storage id
private void CollectExpandedNodes(TreeListNodes nodes)
   foreach (TreeListNode node in nodes)
      if (node.Expanded) expandedNodeIds.Add(node.Id);
      if (node.HasChildren) CollectExpandedNodes(node.Nodes);

And then, after refreshing you tree, you must expand nodes whose IDs are stored in a expandedNodeIds:

expandedNodeIds.ForEach((id) =>
   TreeListNode node = tree.FindNodeByID(id);
   if (node != null) node.Expanded = true;
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