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I have a site that is centered horizontally:

#container{margin:auto 0px}

My main page has a height of 900px, and does not have scroll bars. Other pages do scroll and the header of the site is moving on scroll width, because the width of content pages is smaller than the main page.

What can I do in this situation? I don't think jquery is the answer, because it starts on pageload, so we'll see the moving anyway.

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Try this:

html {overflow-y:scroll;}

and all pages have scrollbars. This is the best way for centered pages with different content height | css5 scrollbars

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This centering problem when the vertical scrollbar appears is a common problem... AFAIK, there is no really satisfying solution. A trick would be to create an invisible footer at the bottom of every page in order to force the scrollbar to always be present.

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using master pages for all similar pages is good solution in designing declaring height of pages is not good way in css using overflow attributes is for scroll

.mystyle  {



overflow-x: scroll

overflow-y: scroll



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