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I cannot figure out how to pass a string to a beautiful soup object:

soup = BeautifulSoup(g.read())
tagList = soup.body.div.findNextSibling('div', 
     {'id':'sn- shadows'})
     .div.findNextSibling('div', {'id':'page-body'})

tagList returns my desired content in this case. But the string is changed by the user for every different source thus I can't insert it manually and compiled into a string so that i would have:

astring = ".body.div.findNextSibling('div', 
     {'id':'sn- shadows'})
     .div.findNextSibling('div', {'id':'page-body'})" 

I couldn't find a function to return tagList = soup(astring)

I have searched the documentation but cannot think of an easy way of solving this.

Please give me any suggestions on how I could get to my desired output (tagList) (writing other functions, changing the approach, anything at all)

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What is the string that changes for every different user? Could maybe give an example of what you need for two different users to make it clear what is the part that changes? –  jcollado Nov 29 '11 at 10:03
ditto, needs more data! –  soulcheck Nov 29 '11 at 10:08

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