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How to upload files using jQuery's ajax function with PHP?

I am trying to upload a file in PHP with out page refresh,

Is this possible?

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There are several ways to do so, actually. You can try this plugin.

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You can use the jQuery form plugin. By default it uses a hidden iframe but if you do not need to support legacy browser, you can also make it use the AJAX FormData API (and thus use a real XHR).

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You can do this by posting a form (which contains the file you want to upload) to a hidden iframe. That would cause the iframe to reaload instead the whole page, and since the iframe is hidden, nobody goning to notice. This is a common way to post files to the server side without reloading the whole page.

You may do something like this:

<form id="file_upload_form" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="[posting-url-here]" target="targetIframe"></form>
<iframe id="targetIframe" name="upload_target" src="" style="display:none;"></iframe>
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There are two many ajax uploader available on net that using Iframe to do so..


Try any one...

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