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How to write curved text?

I want to render text as in given image (in place of "AMEX 3"). Please tell me how to achieve this.

Image with the text "AMEX 3" inside a curved arrow

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Probably some IMP was used to make this picture: "A", "M" and "E" chars are out of alignement. Anyway Jave's one is the answer. –  TechNyquist Feb 6 '14 at 14:53

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Create a round Path - object, and then in a custom canvas use drawTextOnPath.

Path path = new Path();
path.addCircle(x, y, radius, Path.Direction.CW);
myCanvas.drawTextOnPath(myText, path, offset, 0, myPaint);

myCanvas should now contain the curved text.

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If you want to achieve such a feat programmatically, you will need some impressive math skills.

I would guess that this particular image has been made through a image editor application like Adobes Photoshop or maybe Gimp.

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