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I have just moved a Wordpress install from a remote host to run on my local development machine. On the remote server it's fully functional.

However, on my development box I can only load the homepage. Other URLs just load a standard phpinfo() page with no errors.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

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Talk about a needle in a haystack! Perhaps your .htaccess file? If you're using SEO friendly URLs then you'll need to make sure mod_rewrite is enabled and your .htaccess file is setup correctly. –  Prisoner Nov 29 '11 at 10:06
I know, I'm sorry I can't give any more details up front! –  Matt Potts Nov 29 '11 at 11:17
Did you check what I said? –  Prisoner Nov 29 '11 at 11:21

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It sounds like you are using MAMP or WAMP on your dev box, which will load a default vhost showing phpinfo for any page that does not exist.

Inside wordpress, the settings, in the DB, it sounds like you have Url's "hardcoded" like "http://www.mysite.com" which are not working locally because your "dev" Url is something like "http://localhost"

Whenever using a development server, especially with wordpress, you should setup you dev server as close to your production server. This means you should edit your host file to make it so "http://www.mysite.com" actually goes to your development box or localhost. That way you are viewing everything as it will be when it goes to production.

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I had this problem as well following the hosting company re-installing an SSL certificate.

I did some searching and really only found this thread which give me the idea there was a 404 error hiding there somewhere so I checked the php_errors.log file (which I found in the root folder of my site in FTP) - opened that in notepad and found many errors such as: PHP Fatal error: Class 'WordPressHTTPS_Module_phpinfo' not found in /var/www/vhosts/mywebsite.com.au/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-https/lib/Mvied/Plugin.php on line 385

So - indeed a missing file in the wordpress-https plugin.

To correct, I renamed the folder which contained that plugin (eg wp-content/plugins/wordpress-https to wp-content/plugins/wordpress-https-disabled) - effectively disabling the plugin.

This then allowed me to login to the wordpress admin, install the latest version of that plugin - which worked fine and then deleted the old folder (wordpress-https-disabled)

Everyting was good as gold after that Hope that helps someone :)

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