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I have code to check if a CSV file is correct. I would like to write idiomatic code to check if the columns are correct. I don't want to write in block check if we have got first line check columns.

CSV.foreach(@csv) { |person|
  first_name, last_name, person_id, email, title, phone, mobile, department, address, city = person[0..9]
  zip_code, state, country, manager_id =person[10..13]
  @managers << manager_id
  @persons << person_id

  validate = false unless validate_email(email)
  validate = false unless validate_first_name(first_name)
  validate = false unless validate_last_name(last_name)
  validate = false unless validate_person_id(person_id)
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Does the CSV have headers or can you add them? If yes you can do CSV.foreach(@csv, :headers => true) and get the column values like person['first_name']. Then the checks at the end become

validate = false unless validate_email(person['email'])

That said, it seems like your entire validation at the end could be written as

validate_email(person['email']) && validate_first_name(person['first_name']) etc.
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+1 for Michael's advice for :headers => true

But if you want to validate all of the named fields in your example and are aiming for DRY (though, admittedly, maybe a bit too clever for maintainability), you could use Enumerable#inject:

CSV.foreach(@cvs, :headers => true) { |person|
  @managers << person[:manager_id]
  @persons << person[:person_id]

  # Array of columns to be validated
  validate_cols = [:first_name, :last_name, :person_id, :email, :title, :phone,
           :mobile, :department, :address, :city, :zip_code, :state,
           :country, :manager_id]

  valid = validate_cols.inject(true){|valid_sum, col|
    valid_sum && send("validate_#{col}", person[col])

This assumes you have validate_* methods for every column named in the validate_cols array.

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