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I'm new to TDD and metaprogramming so bear with me!

I have a Reporter class (to wrap the Garb ruby gem) that will generate a new report class on-the-fly and assign it to a GoogleAnalyticsReport module when I hit method_missing. The main gist is as follows:


def initialize(profile)
        @profile = profile

def method_missing(method, *args)

        method_name = method.to_s
        super unless valid_method_name?(method_name)

        class_name = build_class_name(method_name)
        klass = existing_report_class(class_name) || build_new_report_class(method_name, class_name)

def build_new_report_class(method_name, class_name)
        klass = GoogleAnalyticsReports.const_set(class_name, Class.new)
        klass.extend Garb::Model
        klass.metrics << metrics(method_name)
        klass.dimensions << dimensions(method_name)
        return klass

The type of 'profile' that the Reporter expects is a Garb::Management::Profile.

In order to test some of my private methods on this Reporter class (such as valid_method_name? or build_class_name), I believe I want to mock the profile with rspec as it's not a detail that I'm interested in.

However, the call to klass.results(@profile) - is executing and killing me, so I haven't stubbed the Garb::Model that I'm extending in my meta part.

Here's how I'm mocking and stubbing so far... the spec implementation is of course not important:

describe GoogleAnalyticsReports::Reporter do
before do

@mock_model = mock('Garb::Model')
@mock_model.stub(:results) # doesn't work!

@mock_profile = mock('Garb::Management::Profile')

@reporter = GoogleAnalyticsReports::Reporter.new(@mock_profile)


describe 'valid_method_name' do
it 'should not allow bla' do
    @reporter.valid_method_name?('bla').should be_false


Does anyone know how I can stub the call to the results method on my newly created class?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!

~ Stu

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Instead of:

@mock_model = mock('Garb::Model')
@mock_model.stub(:results) # doesn't work!

I think you want to do:


This will stub out any instance of Garb::Model to return results. You need to do this because you are not actually passing @mock_model into any class/method that will use it so you have to be a bit more general.

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My project was rails 2.3 so I had to pull my class out into a new gem to free myself of the web pf dependencies when upgrading rspec mocks. I still have a problem though... we're trying to stub any instance of Garb::Model, which is actually a Module, not a Class. Rspec gives me: Failure/Error: Garb::Model.any_instance.stub(:results) NoMethodError: undefined method `any_instance' for Garb::Model:Module Any ideas how to mock any instance of a class that extends a module?? Cheers –  Stu Nov 30 '11 at 1:10
I think you need rspec 2.6 or greater to get any_instance support. In terms of stubbing modules this is not possible as far as I am aware - apart from when the method is defined on the eingen class for the module (def self.hello_world). If you do not know the instance that you want to stub then I think you are probably going down the wrong route with your tests.. –  Derek Ekins Nov 30 '11 at 5:50
Agreed Derek - I think I'm getting tangled up because my code isn't correct (read: testable) enough. Thanks for your answers. For anyone reading and interested, I ended up using VCR and fakeweb to stub out the http stuff that Garb required. See my implementation here: github.com/stuliston/garb-reporter/blob/master/spec/… –  Stu Nov 30 '11 at 23:16

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