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... or perhaps a way to launch NetBeans through a middle-man app and open up a BASE and LOCAL file in the DIFF editor ...

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If it is the style of the netbeans diff tool that you like, have a look at the free Perforce Merge Tool.


In TortoiseSVN settings set the external diff viewer to:

C:\Program Files\Perforce\P4Merge.exe -dw %base %mine
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You can configure the diff tool used by TortoiseSVN in the settings (External Programs -> Diff Viewer).

The TortoiseSVN help file explains the different parameters that can be passed to the external diff tool via the command line.

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Ya, I saw that, but i can't find documentation on NetBeans to be able to pass in the values correctly ... I'll have to try a few different combination to see if it works ... –  farinspace May 9 '09 at 15:32

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