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I am used to xCode and read everywhere that Eclipse is supposed to be better... So far I have found quite some advantages, however now I have two features that I would like in Eclipse and can't find them or they don't work as expected

  1. Snapshots of the project - with the click of a button the current configuration of the project is saved and can easily be restored including all settings and source code changes
  2. Grouping with @category works differently than I have found it explained. when I do

I get in the outline view just sth like:

   initScreen() : void - [mycat]

if I write:

   * @category mycat
public void initScreen() { 


I would expect something like a grouping with "mycat" as the groups headline, like

   initScreen() : void
   anyOther() : void

In general, what is the best, most widely method + easy to use! to do source code management with Eclipse?

Many thanks

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