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Could you please help me on how to combine the below Result1 and Result2 JSON objects into single JSON such that i have Name,No,Avg,Subject1,Subject2 into single JSON object. I am using it in JQUERY AJAX.

{"Result1":"[{"NAME" : "Mark","No" : "23544","Avg" : "49"}]"}

{"Result2":"[{"Subject1" : "Maths","Subject2" : "Computers"}]"}

Please help.


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Your examples are not valid JSON. –  Rory McCrossan Nov 29 '11 at 11:54
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See jQuery.extend()

var x = {"Result1":"[{"NAME" : "Mark","No" : "23544","Avg" : "49"}]"}
var y = {"Result2":"[{"Subject1" : "Maths","Subject2" : "Computers"}]"}

var z = jQuery.extend({}, x.Result1[0], y.Result2[0]);
// z.NAME, z.No, z.Avg, z.subject1...

I'm not sure whether you've parsed the JSON string into a JavaScript object yet; but see jQuery.parseJSON() to see how you do this (be aware; parseJSON() will throw an error if you pass it invalid JSON).

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+1 This will work, assuming the OP makes his code into valid JSON objects –  Rory McCrossan Nov 29 '11 at 11:56
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