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Is there a delay on facebook get, in post graph api, using php sdk


this is in foreach loop running approx 20 times.It gives result for the first four hits but this error after it and stops

Uncaught GraphMethodException: Unsupported get request.
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What type of object are you looping over? Where did you get the IDs?

Unsupported get request usually means you're trying to access a path that doesn't exist (i.e /blah - where 'blah' isn't actually an object) or access a connection (such as comments, likes, etc) which doesn't exist on the object you're accessing

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tried it with the same id in the loop. again 4 hits and then the same error but i was able to solve this. i was sending another $facebook->api request to event id and getting its attending event list. Removed it and it work.. guess facebook has somekind of Limit on get request from a system. – Hammad Khalid Nov 30 '11 at 6:36
No, the rate limit has a specific error message about rate limiting, there's something else wrong with what you're doing – Igy Nov 30 '11 at 9:52

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