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I had a somewhat crazy idea earlier tonight, and got 3/4 of the way done implementing it and have run in to a weird problem.. I wanted to automatically generate an index of all methods on a controller than return an ActionResult, as well as a simple form for each to sumbmit their valid data.. Seemed like a pretty simple thing to do via reflection:

Quickie ViewModel to hold each reflected action:

public class ReflectedAction
    public ReflectedAction(MethodInfo methodInfo, string controllerName)
        this.ActionName = methodInfo.Name;
        this.ControllerName = controllerName;
        this.Parameters = methodInfo.GetParameters().Select(p => p.Name);

    public string ControllerName { get; set; }

    public string ActionName { get; set; }

    public IEnumerable<string> Parameters { get; set; }

Action to reflect all the actions on the current controller:

public virtual ActionResult AutoIndex()
    Type controllerType = this.ControllerContext.Controller.GetType();
    string controllerName = controllerType.Name.Replace("Controller", string.Empty);

    var methods = this.ControllerContext.Controller.GetType().GetMethods().Where(
            m => m.ReturnType.Name.Contains("ActionResult"));

    var model = methods.Select(m => new ReflectedAction(m, controllerName));

    return View(model);

Inside the view, I just wanted to use a simple WebGrid to render out each action as a row, with the first column being the name of the action, and the second column being a mini-form, with the ability to fill out any fields that the action has (I tried doing it as a helper, or inline in the grid format, latter is include here:

@using TfsMvc.Controllers
@model IEnumerable<TestController.ReflectedAction>

    ViewBag.Title = "AutoIndex";
    Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";


    var grid = new WebGrid(
        source: Model,
        ajaxUpdateContainerId: "grid",
        defaultSort: "ActionName",
        canPage: false);

<div id="grid">
    tableStyle: "grid",
    headerStyle: "head",
    alternatingRowStyle: "alt",
    columns: grid.Columns(
        grid.Column(format: (action) =>
                using (Html.BeginForm((string)action.ActionName, (string)action.ControllerName, FormMethod.Get))
                    string htmlString = string.Empty;

                    foreach (string parameter in action.Parameters)
                        htmlString = "<span>" + Html.Label(parameter) + Html.TextBox(parameter) + "</span>";

                    htmlString += "<input type=\"submit\" />";

                    return new HtmlString(htmlString);

The grid appears to render correctly, but the weird part is that all the form html tags render outside the grid, but the controls render inside the grid:

<div id="grid">
    <form action="/Test/CloneTestPlan" method="get"></form>
    <form action="/Test/ConfigureTestPlan" method="get"></form>
    <form action="/Test/EnvConfig" method="get"></form>
    <form action="/Test/FixTestLink" method="get"></form>

    <!-- ton of other actions snipped-->

    <table class="grid">
            <tr class="head"><th scope="col"><a href="#" onclick="$(&#39;#grid&#39;).load(&#39;/Test/SecretIndex?sort=ActionName&amp;sortdir=DESC&amp;__=634581349851993336 #grid&#39;);">ActionName</a></th><th scope="col"></th></tr>
            <tr><td>CloneTestPlan</td><td><span><label for="subid">subid</label><input id="subid" name="subid" type="text" value="" /></span><input type="submit" /></td></tr>
            <tr class="alt"><td>ConfigureTestPlan</td><td><span><label for="apply">apply</label><input id="apply" name="apply" type="text" value="" /></span><input type="submit" /></td></tr>
            <tr><td>EnvConfig</td><td><span><label for="create">create</label><input id="create" name="create" type="text" value="" /></span><input type="submit" /></td></tr>
            <tr class="alt"><td>FixTestLink</td><td><span><label for="commit">commit</label><input id="commit" name="commit" type="text" value="" /></span><input type="submit" /></td></tr>

            <!-- ton of other actions snipped-->


As you can see, the tags render outside of the table! Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Or can you just not do BeginForm inside a Webgrid? Any better approach for making a bunch of individual forms?

Thanks in advance!

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This is really interesting. What do you do with this? Do you use it to demonstrate the functionality to your dev team? –  Brian White Jun 22 '12 at 20:05
Sorry for the late reply, didn't see you'd added a comment. It's actually mainly me being lazy and not manually making a static index. :) I had a large number of actions I'd made that I couldn't necessarily remember the name of, or the exact parameters they needed. They were generally sanely named, so I could usually guess...but having an autogenerated index that showed them all was much cleaner. –  superlime Sep 10 '13 at 19:20

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Try rendering the <form> yourself without using the helper.

It looks like the lambdas are executed inside helper before it spits out the content, which causes the BeginForm to render to output instantly.

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Aha! That'd at least explain the bizarre behavior! Rendering <form> by hand does does work, but it just feels dirty and means that I have to worry about properly rendering the path by hand too. I'd really like to have some sort of cleaner fashion to do this.. Any idea if there's a way to force the helper to execute within the lambda with the timing that I'm expecting? This seems like a bug within MVC, if not.. –  superlime Nov 30 '11 at 3:17
You can still use UrlHelper to render the url. You can also try to call Html.BeginForm and Html.EndForm without using using directive. Or come up with own extension methods. –  Jakub Konecki Nov 30 '11 at 9:19

I'm not sure if it will help in your case, but I had similar problem and what I did was:

  1. Create partial with following code

        //some code
  2. In place where problem occurred, call this partial, so in your case it would be something like:

    grid.Column(format: (action) =>

PS: The place where I called Partial was different so I'm not sure if above will work.

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