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I am building a backbone.js app on a Rails 3.1 back-end. I'm using CoffeeScript to write the backbone classes, and Jasmine (via jasmine-headless-webkit) for testing.

Given the following (partial) tree:

├── app
│   ├── assets
│   │   ├── javascripts
│   │   │   └── views
│   │   │       ├──
├── spec
│   ├── javascripts
│   │   └── views
│   │       └──

... I would expect to know about Avia.AviaView, which is defined in

However, I get the following output from running bundle exec jasmine-headless-webkit:

Running Jasmine specs...

Avia.AviaView render creates a new MatricesView . (/home/duncan/avia/spec/javascripts/views/
  ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Avia in /home/duncan/avia/spec/javascripts/views/ (line ~5)
  ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Avia in /home/duncan/avia/spec/javascripts/views/ (line ~10)

My jasmine.yml contains the following:

  - public/javascripts/prototype.js
  - public/javascripts/effects.js
  - public/javascripts/controls.js
  - public/javascripts/dragdrop.js
  - public/javascripts/application.js
  - public/javascripts/**/*.js

I think I need to tell Jasmine to load the contents of but I'm not entirely sure how. Adding an explicit reference in the src_files section in jasmine.yml doesn't seem to make a difference ...

Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I suspect it's something simple ...

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Without having seen to much of your code, I'd suspect it beacuse of CoffeeScript's function wrapping (docs). You need to ensure that all the symbols you want to use are exported to somewhere you can get at them (here is a thorough discussion about that).

Edit: here's another longish and theoretical but good documentation on this topic.

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That was one of the problems; I define my Avia 'namespace' in a .js file that I hadn't included. Thanks :-) – Duncan Bayne Nov 29 '11 at 20:43

Try adding this to your

(exports ? this).Avia = Avia 

See this for a detailed explanation.

Alternatively try this;

window.Avia = Avia

We encountered the same problem; I highly recommend JasmineRice

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