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I want to create a horizontally arranged context menu. This means when my application is running and I press the menu button that my customized horizontal options will show. How do I do this on BlackBerry?

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What is your target OS and SDK? –  jprofitt Nov 29 '11 at 13:30

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You can override onMenu method in the Screen class and show your custom PopupScreen menu.

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This can be accomplished as @Eugen Martynov has mentioned. Though your idea might sound novel, it doesn't go with the UI guidelines of a Blackberry application. Regular Blackberry users might not appreciate the new UI you are proposing. And moreover, there is a possibility of your app being rejected when you submit for certification to host in Blackberry App World.

Check the guide lines here

Point no 3.4 mentions that the user must be able to use "Switch Application" feature from within the application. Though you might design the app to adhere, there is a possibility of rejection for non-standard implementation.

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