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I need some information regarding starting and stopping a timer in PHP. I need to measure the elapsed time from the start my .exe program (Im using exec() function in my php script) until it completes the execution and and display the time it took in seconds. Is there a way how I can do this.


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You can use microtime and calculate the difference:

$time_pre = microtime(true);
$time_post = microtime(true);
$exec_time = $time_post - $time_pre;

Here's the PHP docs for microtime:

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thanks a lot for your responses! It was really helpful – 125369 Nov 29 '11 at 12:29

For your purpose, this simple class should be all you need:

class Timer {
    private $time = null;
    public function __construct() {
        $this->time = time();
        echo 'Working - please wait..<br/>';

    public function __destruct() {
        echo '<br/>Job finished in '.(time()-$this->time).' seconds.';

$t = new Timer(); // echoes "Working, please wait.."

[some operations]

unset($t);  // echoes "Job finished in n seconds." n = seconds elapsed
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Use the microtime function. The documentation includes example code.

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You can use Timer Class


class Timer {

   var $classname = "Timer";
   var $start     = 0;
   var $stop      = 0;
   var $elapsed   = 0;

   # Constructor
   function Timer( $start = true ) {
      if ( $start )

   # Start counting time
   function start() {
      $this->start = $this->_gettime();

   # Stop counting time
   function stop() {
      $this->stop    = $this->_gettime();
      $this->elapsed = $this->_compute();

   # Get Elapsed Time
   function elapsed() {
      if ( !$elapsed )

      return $this->elapsed;

   # Resets Timer so it can be used again
   function reset() {
      $this->start   = 0;
      $this->stop    = 0;
      $this->elapsed = 0;

   #### PRIVATE METHODS ####

   # Get Current Time
   function _gettime() {
      $mtime = microtime();
      $mtime = explode( " ", $mtime );
      return $mtime[1] + $mtime[0];

   # Compute elapsed time
   function _compute() {
      return $this->stop - $this->start;

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