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I see maven-dependency-plugin does this, however seems it copy everything(including test jars) to the dest dir. Anyone know how to configure this plugin to exclude test jars? Many thanks.

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It is not clear if you wanted to exclude jars with test scope or test related jars (test classifier). In either case, there are two properties of dependency:copy-dependencies which can help you.

  • excludeClassifiers Comma Separated list of Classifiers to exclude. Empty String indicates don't exclude anything (default).
  • excludeScope Scope to exclude. An Empty string indicates no scopes (default).
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Thanks for the suggestions, i use <includeScope>compile</includeScope> and it works. Thanks. –  Mike Nov 29 '11 at 13:59
@Raghuram Mike here did raise a point, one cannot exclude scope test. see stackoverflow.com/questions/5850788/… –  Dudi Jun 23 at 7:49

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