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I am developing a http program in C# while referring to some source code written in Java! I would like to know if there is a C# equivalent way for the the method getInetAddress() . In other words how to get the ip address from a socket object in C# ?

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socket.Connect (lep);

// Using the RemoteEndPoint property.
Console.WriteLine ("I am connected to " + IPAddress.Parse (((IPEndPoint)socket.RemoteEndPoint).Address.ToString ()) + "on port number " + ((IPEndPoint)socket.RemoteEndPoint).Port.ToString ());

// Using the LocalEndPoint property.
Console.WriteLine ("My local IpAddress is :" + IPAddress.Parse (((IPEndPoint)socket.LocalEndPoint).Address.ToString ()) + "I am connected on port number " + ((IPEndPoint)socket.LocalEndPoint).Port.ToString ());


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If this is to get the connected sockets IP you can use this

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