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I'm having some trouble using Trinidad's .

I have 1 main panelTab and a secondary one inside one of the main's panel showDetailItem.

The problem is :

When i switch tabs on the main one "tabbedPanel" everything works as expected, but when I click on the second set of tabs "tabbedPanel2" a request is sent to the server but the first tab always remains selected.

Here is the code :

    <t:saveState value="#{monBean}" id="monBean" />

<tr:panelTabbed id="tabbedPanel"
      <tr:showDetailItem text="Tab 1"

      <tr:showDetailItem text="Tab 2" id="tab2"

          <tr:panelTabbed id="tabbedPanel2">

              <tr:showDetailItem id="tab21"
                     text="Tab 2.1"


             <tr:showDetailItem id="tab22"
                      text="Tab 2.2"

                  <tr:outputText value="#{monBean.msg}" id="wrapper" />




The weird thing though is that if I switch to Client State Saving instead of server state saving, everythin works properly.

Any ideas?

Environnement :

  • Trinidad 1.2.14
  • MyFaces 1.2.11
  • Tomahawk 1.1.11
  • Oracle OC4j
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