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I'm working on an Android application which can make internet phone calls. I got everything working, from registering with the SIP server and making calls, updating real time status, etc. But the SIP account I use for the application has been set in the codes. And thats not what I want.

In android 2.3.1 + there is a menu in: Settings>calls>Internet call settings

In "Internet call settings" you're able to set some settings for internet calling, you can also add an SIP account there.

So what do I want? I want to read out the SIP account thats been set in that menu. Does anyone know if it's possible or not? if so, any help would be appreciated. From a link with a tutorial for this or someone that encoutered something like this before and is able and willing to help me.

Thanks, :-)

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There is no support by android for reading SIP account list programmatic.

For more detail you can refer android.net.sip.SipManager

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Please add more information to your answer. For trivial answers please use comments. –  Ragunath Jawahar Oct 28 '12 at 16:34

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