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I am trying to set up a multi-configuration project in Jenkins with a single user-defined axis (call it "axis"). The value associated with each configuration would then be used to invoke top-level maven targets in ${axis}/pom.xml. The trouble is, I can't find the proper syntax for this, if indeed it does exist (${axis}, $axis, $AXIS, and ${env.axis} all fail). I would think it would be shell syntax, which it doesn't seem to be, but regardless it should be either simple or impossible. Is it possible?

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Thanks for your answers -- I was not able to resolve this issue fast enough, so I went with an entirely different build framework. –  ajk8 Feb 28 '12 at 20:22

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We use a jdk axis and just use the name of the jdk so I think you could just use axis/pom.xml

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Is your Jenkins installation running on Windows?

For each Custom Axis, an environment variable is created. You can refer to your custom axis using ${axis} if your server is running Linux, but on Windows you must refer to it as %axis%

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The %axis% syntax does indeed work in windows batch command, but it is not resolved when running a Maven build. The axis values are passed to the mvn command as system properties (using the -D flag) –  Forge_7 Aug 9 '13 at 11:01

${axis}/pom.xml should work in my experience.

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I appreciate that OP has solved this in a different way, but for the record the following works in Hudson in Windows and Linux. I haven't tried it in Jenkins:

The syntax you need for this is simply $axis/pom.xml

I defined an axis of BuildProfile=compile unitTest integrationTest

And in the Maven 3 configuration (under Advanced properties) a POM file of $BuildProfile/pom.xml

The resulting builds gave the following output in the console (edited for brevity):

[1.7.0_25] $ C:\Users...\bin\mvn.bat clean install -V -B -DBuildProfile=compile -f compile/pom.xml

[1.7.0_25] $ C:\Users...\bin\mvn.bat clean install -V -B -DBuildProfile=unitTest -f unitTest/pom.xml

[1.7.0_25] $ C:\Users...\bin\mvn.bat clean install -V -B -DBuildProfile=integrationTests -f integrationTests/pom.xml

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