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I'm using Scala Test Spec and JunitTestRunner in Eclipse. Where does the spec output go? And is there some way to route it to the console?

For example:

  val p = new SQLParser
  describe("given a sql string with an order clause") {
     describe("(when direction is asc)") {
        val sql = "select name from users order by name asc"
        it("should be parsed into an Asc object containing the given field") {
           val query = p.parse(sql).get
           query.operation should be (Select("name"))
           query.from should be (From("users"))
           query.order should be (Option(Asc("name")))

Only gives me the spec output from the first "describe".

jUnit results

That's about all you would want there, but I was hoping to see it all.

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The output comes out in the JUnit view. If I use:

import org.scalatest.Spec
import org.junit.runner.RunWith
import org.scalatest.junit.JUnitRunner

class ExampleSpec extends Spec {

  describe("A Stack") {

    it("should pop values in last-in-first-out order")(pending)

    it("should throw NoSuchElementException if an empty stack is popped")(pending)


And then do run as JUnit, I get the following output from the JUnit view:

enter image description here

Is this not what you want?

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