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In my Android Honeycomb application I use Tabs as the navigation style. I would like to add one item next to the overflow button, but I want that item to be a dropdown list, and the user will be able to select an option there, but not related to navigation. What is the easiest way since I'm using mActionBar.setNavigationMode(ActionBar.NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS);

Is it possible to do it without using a custom view?

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First option:


            android:title="Sort by newest" />
            android:title="Sort by rating" />

Second option:


<menu xmlns:android="">
        android:actionLayout="@layout/action_sort"  />


<Spinner xmlns:android=""
    android:entries="@array/order" />

Docs for menu resources -

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Those submenus are a great tip! Saved me hours of research and work, thanks! – damaxxed Jul 11 '12 at 10:22
how do I respond to a click of the spinner? – gregm Jan 14 '13 at 14:47
This does not work for Android 2.2. The app is crashing. Do you have a solution? – tobias Mar 31 '13 at 9:16
Use ActionBarSherlock...they hadn't introduced ActionBar back in Android 2.2 and therefore ActionBarSherlock allows you to back date these features. – edwoollard Jul 4 '13 at 20:18
@Sandeep Maram You can get spinner by Spinner spinner = (Spinner)menu.findItem( in onCreateOptionsMenu(). Then set the item select listener. – Lahiru Chandima Jan 8 '15 at 7:02

Absolutely the best and and the simplest answer I found so far is here.

Basically, no need for custom layout in this case. Just set the actonViewClass:

<menu xmlns:android=""
xmlns:yourapp="" >

  <item android:id="@+id/spinner"
    yourapp:actionViewClass="android.widget.Spinner" />

And then handle it in onCreateOptionsMenu, as usual:

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
    getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);
    MenuItem item = menu.findItem(;
    Spinner spinner = (Spinner) MenuItemCompat.getActionView(item);
    spinner.setAdapter(adapter); // set the adapter to provide layout of rows and content
    s.setOnItemSelectedListener(onItemSelectedListener); // set the listener, to perform actions based on item selection

This is by far the simplest and cleanest solution. Credits to François POYER, the original author.

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Tested and approved. – Gustavo Alves May 4 at 0:16

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