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In the MVC 3 book by Steven Sanderson on p185 at the bottom, the following expression is used to render the paging links.

@Html.PageLinks(Model.Paginginfo, x=> Url.Action("List", new {page = x}))

What is the VB.NET equivalent? I am stuck on the x url lambda bit.

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Learning MVC3 as a VB.Net developer is really hard - I found there was very little official or community support for it (especially when it first appeared). In the end I found it easier to learn enough C# to follow the C# tutorials - it turned out to be less work than translating every example and tutorial into VB.Net before I could follow it and THEN trying to learn MVC3 from them. It turned out to be easier than I expected to learn C#. –  Mordy Nov 29 '11 at 16:30

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In VB.NET the lambda should be equivalent to this:

Function(x) Url.Action("List", New With { .Page = x })

You can refer to MSDN for more information about VB.NET's:

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